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The majority of the Southern California public affairs campaigns are increasingly becoming Internet and website dependent. More simply stated, the Internet and the advocacy website are the primary communications media for organizing the advocacy campaign and directly communicating the message with both decision makers and the general public. A successful advocacy website and Internet organizing campaign attracts other media coverage of the issue. They help to prove the importance of the issue to the local community and the Southern California region.

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The Advocacy Website

The advocacy website presents the case and the supporting evidence in an effort to gain public support that will influence elected and appointed political decision makers concerning a matter of public interest. Whatever the cause, the advocacy website is the place where the public should find the information to support or oppose it.


The Internet

One of the most important aspects of any public affairs campaign is recruiting and organizing supporters of your side in the campaign. You will need to make the public aware of the issue and its importance to their lives.



Revised May 20, 2008