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Shani Davis 1500 Meters
American Speed Skater Shani Davis wins 1,500 meters at 2007 World Single Distance Championship


When I first attempted to break into politics as a career, I had to use my skills as a photographer to get in the door. I have worked for a number of campaigns as the official campaign photographer.

I have migrated to digital photography from 2 1/4 and 35mm due to the advantages offered in this new medium.

Since I have only limited financial resources, I contribte to US Speed Skating, the Utah Olympic Oval, the Wasatch Speed Skating Association and a number of speed skaters by giving them free photography. You will find some of my speed skating photographs at and at Most of the photographs were shot under difficult circumstances using only ambient light.


I have provided sound services for a number of political campaigns including sound systems for political dinners, fund raising events. I have both analog and digital recording capabilities.

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