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The majority of the elements of a good political or advocacy website are no different than the elements of a commercial website.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Fast Download Time
  3. Media Center
  4. Online Campaign Newsletter
  5. Volunteer Form
  6. Candidate Biography
  7. Issues
  8. Endorsements
  9. Calendar of Events
  10. Voter Registration Information
  11. Secure Online Fundraising
  12. Privacy Policy
  13. Contact Us

While there are many more features that can add or subtract from a good political website, the elements listed above are essential to the political website.

However, the level of the campaign may dictate that the list of elements be either shorten or lengthen. For instance, the website for a city council race in a small city would not require a secure online fundraising page. It might be best to provide a printable form in Adobe's pdf format.