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The Importance of Selecting The Right Domain Name For The Advocacy or Political Website

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The domain name or URL address (Uniform Resource Locator) plays an important role in allowing browsers to locate your campaign website. If you select a strong domain name, you can assist political browsers in finding your website. If you choose a hard to remember domain name, you will make it harder for individuals to find you.

The domain name should be easy to remember and contain a direct association with your campaign. For instance, if the advocacy campaign is supporting a sales tax increase in order to expand the Metrorail system, a good selection would be Many community residents could easily guess that this is the domain name. Others upon hearing or seeing the domain name could remember it.

Since the overwhelming majority of Americans have formed a direct association between the term dotcom and a website, it is best to obtain and use a dotcom address (.com). The dotnet (.net), the dotorg (.org), and the dotus (.us) extensions have not entered the public consciousness. However, the campaign should buy these domain names as well and point them at the primary domain name.

The importance of using the .com address was recently driven home to me when I sought to visit the United States Figure Skating Association's website. Without thinking I typed in instead of This lead me to a page where I did not want to go.

If at all possible, the domain name should derive from the name of the political candidate. However, if the candidate has a common name, in all likelihood the majority of the good names will have been taken. Therefore, the campaign may be stuck with a name such as While this name may be somewhat long, at least it is associated with the campaign.

Unless the individual is widely know by his or her initials, you should avoid using initials in the domain name. If they were alive today jfk, rfk, and fdr could use their initials in their domain name due to the fact that almost everyone knows who we are speaking about when we use these initials.

There is one important thing to remember, you do not want to out cute yourself with a domain that is so off-the-wall that it is impossible to remember or is offensive to a large portion of the electorate.