Why I Oppose The Nomination and Election of Barack Obama

Donald Lewin Nelson

For the past forty years, I have voted for every Democratic Party nominee for President of the United States of America. I truly believed that the Democratic nominee offered the best choice and the greatest hope for improving American society.

Even though I actively opposed the Vietnam War, I voted for Hubert Humphrey because in my heart I knew that he was an honorable man. I saw his compassion, and I respected his commitment to civil rights and civil liberties. He would strive to improve the lot of America's poor while maintaining the middle class status of most Americans.

In 1980, I was driving to my polling place when I heard Jimmy Carter concede the election to Ronald Reagan. I always felt that Carter was a political idiot, and this announcement confirmed my worst suspicions. He had to be the most self-center individual in politics since he could not wait until all the polls were closed before surrendering. While cursed his name and cst dispersions upon his ancestry, I voted for him.

In this election, I must opposed both the nomination and the election of Senator Barack Obama. Most of my friends are shocked to learn that I oppose the junior Senator from Illinois. They feel that with my radical background I would find Obama to be a soul mate in the cause of civil liberties and civil rights.

During the late 1960s and the early 1970s, I was the director of the Venice Draft Information Center. I specialized in counseling conscientious objectors. I assisted thousands of young in seeking deferments in order to avoid military service.

I was a dues paying member of Students for a Democratic Society. I was not just a fellow traveler but a full-fledged member committed to radical democratic changes in American society. I wanted workers to be paid fairly in order that they could afford to purchase their own home, to educate their children at good schools, and to have universal health care free of any costs or co-payments.

I fought for an end to all racial discrimination whether it be on a personal or institutional level. I wanted every individual to be judged on his or her own merit without regard to race, ethnic origin, creed, or gender. I wanted a quality education for every individual which included technical education for those not inclined to study literature or philosophy.

During my days with Students for a Democratic Society, I attended many workshops and training sessions concerning draft counseling and community organizing. I witnessed the split between those committed to peaceful change and the anarchists of Weathermen (Weather Underground) faction. The Weathermen sought to foment revolution and hope to percipitate violence.

While I sought to help young men avoid military service, the Weathermen faction urged me to deliberately force young men to either enter the military or go to prison. They wanted me to sabotoge the draft deferment process of these young men to radicalize them. They hoped that they would go into the military and refuse to comply with orders. The Weathermen did not care about these young men and their future. They only wanted to fulfill their goals of overthrowing the American government.

Throughout his career Barack Obama has maintained a cordial relationship with William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, two unrepentant leaders of the Weather Underground. Obama his candidacy for Illinois State Senate at the home of Ayers and Dohrn. He served on the Board of the Wood Foundation with Ayers. He never objected to Ayers being on the board of the foundation nor did he ever criticize Ayers for his past anarchist activities.

If this were not enough, Barack Obama steadfastly attend the church of Jerimiah Wright for approximately twenty years without once criticizing the pastor for his hateful and vile sermons. Wright conduct Obama's wedding and baptized his children. He mentored Obama by providing counsel and advice as he planned his career.

Part of how I judge a man is by the company he keeps. If a man keeps the company of thieves, then I will suspect him of being a thief. When a man keeps the company of anarchists and violent revolutionaries, then I must assume that he is an anarchist and revolutionary.

I for one can never vote for Senator Barack Obama. I would not vote for a man who associates with Nazis or the Klu Klux Klan. Nor can I vote for a man who associates with radical violent revolutionaries. Senator Obama, you will never receive my vote.


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