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We are a creative boutique specializing in Internet marketing for advocacy and political campaigns. We are a family owned shop which contracts with outside providers for those services that we can not offer in house.

Most people would generally regard us as a liberally inclined firm with a strong pro-environmental and pro-consumer background. However, many hard line environmental and consumer groups regard us as sometimes selling out when we work for compromise solutions.

One of the firms with whom we regularly work is Cerrell Associates, a Los Angeles Public Affairs firm. This firm specializes in advocacy and government relations through lobbying and public relations. The firm provides political consulting to election campaigns.

We are extremely strong in our support of music and the arts and in our use of music to sell ideas. In films, music sets the mood from everything from action and adventure through suspense to love. While our basic web pages do not use music, our audio/visual presentations and our Flash presentations are heavily dependent upon music.

Donald Lewin Nelson is a sectional music coordinator for US Figure Skating. He has coordinated music at regional and sectional qualifying competitions and at national competitions. He provides music and announcing services at many open competitions in the Western United States of America.

I am currently developing an advocacy website to make certain that the Olympic Legacy Funds from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City are being utilized for the maintenance of the Utah Olympic Oval in addition to the Utah Olympic Parks and for the training and development in the winter olympic sports.

For those of you in need of cosmetics, I recommend that you visit my friend Karen Hurley's website. Karen is an independent distributor of LipSense, BrowSense, Oops Remover, and other SeneGence products.

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