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Importance of the Political Internet Strategy

With the growing public utilization of the Internet for information concerning international, federal, state, and community issues, campaign managers, and political consultants need the assistance of professional Political Internet Strategists to help them design and implement a web communications strategy in support of their communications and political marketing activities.

A political Internet strategy involves more than building a web site which is little more than a campaign brochure. The Political Internet Strategist devises a strategy to use the Internet to involve and immerse the public into the campaign in order that they can really understand the issues and come to know the real candidate for public office. The web site converts the public into supporters and facilitates their active involvement and participation in the campaign.

The Internet does not replace the traditional campaign marketing strategy and its traditional tools. Rather, it is a new tool to be used in conjunction with the old tools to achieve the desired effect. It is a single component of the multifaceted advocacy or political campaign marketing plan which offers new synergy to the campaign.


Direct Communication With The Voter

The Internet is becoming an effective means for the campaign to directly communicate its messages to the voting public without the interference or the filter that comes from reporters, editors, and commentators.

The Internet gives the candidate or the campaign the ability to communicate by video, audio, print, or special audio/visual production, the important and salient issues of the campaign. The candidate can record his political objectives, and the voter can tune in to listen to the message without the analysis or assessment of a third party.

In an online video, the candidate can present his reasons for running for public office. An advocacy campaign can present the reasons for supporting or opposing an action of a legislative or regulatory body.



Way back in 1975, Wally Heider, the legendary producer and sound engineer, told me that I should engage in a career making music videos. He said that I possessed the right mix of talents to become successful in a field that he expected to drive the music industry throughout the balance of the Twentieth Century and on into the Twenty-First Century. Of course, I failed to follow his advice which is why I am not rich today.

Now, I find that candidates and campaign managers are asking me to produce campaign videos to allow candidates to directly communicate with the voters. While the campaign videos will probably not draw as many views as Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, or Madonna videos, they can and will have an impact on elections in the Twenty-First Century


Search Engine Optimization

One of the least understood Internet marketing concepts for political campaigns is search engine optimization. Most candidates and campaign managers assume a “Field of Dreams” attitude. They believe that, if you build a website, visitors will come. They give little thought to how they will attract people to their website.

Search engine optimization starts with being listed in the Open Project Director at It progresses with <title> tags, meta tags, headline tags, internal and external links. The camapign website needs a fully developed political Internet search engine optimization strategy.


Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma Brings Culture Event to California

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma tries to stay in touch with its members who live in the State of California by stage cultural events away from its base in Oklahoma. Assistant Chief Gary Batton and many members of the staff staged cultural events in Los Angeles and Fresno. While the events were aimed at members of the tribe, anyone was welcome to attend and participate. Below are videos of a couople of traditional dances.



Retired Major General Peter Cooke, the Democratic nominee for Governor of the State of Utah, selected prominent Utah attorney Vince Rampton as his running mate.


Retired Major General Peter Cooke, the Democratic nominee for Governor of Utah, introduces Salt Lake City attorney Vince Rampton as his running mate for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Utah. Rampton explains his views of the office and explains what he brings to the ticket.


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